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Our Story

Susan L Cohn and Associates

In 1994, my very close friend Amy was involved in a near-fatal car accident which left her wheelchair-bound and nonverbal. Currently, Amy is 100% dependent on others to care for her. I have struggled all these years with the big question of how something so devastating could happen to such a nice, caring, promising young girl. In August 1994, during one of my visits at University Hospital in Madison, a speech-language pathologist came in to do what is called a ‘bedside swallow evaluation.’ This assessment would tell whether Amy would be able to eat by mouth, or would need a PEG tube to get her nutrition. Amy ended up needing the PEG tube. At the time, I remember asking the speech pathologist all sorts of questions. I walked out of that room that day knowing I was going to be a speech-language pathologist. That was two weeks into my freshman year of college.

With Amy’s parents’ permission, I share with you the meaning behind the logo. Amy received this letter and a framed print of the logo to honor her birthday.

“It is with heartfelt gratitude for all of your encouragement, support, and love that I am dedicating my practice and the new logo to Amy.

To honor Amy, I have worked very closely with a professional graphics designer to get the idea from my head onto paper. Over a six-month period, my idea has morphed into the perfect symbol of Amy’s and my friendship. Every detail means something and will remind me of Amy with every printing of a report, seal of an envelope and business card handed out. Please know that Amy is touching so many lives and making a difference every single day through the caring ways of myself and every speech language therapist in the practice.

Amy_and_AmyThe blue birds were chosen to honor one of Amy’s favorite colors as blue is also one of my favorite colors. I wanted the birds to be perched on separate branches yet side-by-side. This symbolizes the uniqueness of both Amy and I yet equal in the friendship. You will notice one bird is listening (me) and one bird is talking (Amy). This reminds me of Amy’s calls to me, no matter the distance that has separated us over the years. I wanted all the leaves to be green and by the branches to symbolize hope and growth. That is what each and every child and family experiences when they come through the doors.  To honor Amy’s very favorite color and her favorite flower, a pale pink rose was added to her branch.

May you accept this and know that I love and care for others through the heart of Amy, my dear friend.

Amy is my inspiration.

Much love, Amy Svensson

Susan L. Cohn and Associates