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Hearing Health - Services for Children with Hearing Loss

What is it?

Aural Habilitation Therapy: Listening and spoken language therapy for children with hearing loss who use hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Children with all degrees of hearing loss who use hearing aids or cochlear implants can benefit from therapy that focuses on use of their residual hearing to develop listening and spoken language.

For children who communicate with sign language, sign support is incorporated into therapy as a bridge for developing spoken language skills. Family and caregiver training is an important part of aural habilitation, especially with young children. Families are encouraged to participate in therapy.

Child Hearing

Tips for Parents/Caregivers and Teachers

Communicating with Children who have Hearing Loss:

  • Repeat instructions. It’s easy for a child with hearing loss to miss things that are said quickly and it is important that she not fall behind or appear to be misbehaving by not following directions.
  • Make sure adults and peers speak clearly and she is able to see their faces. Teachers, please try not to cover your mouth with paper or books, or talk with your back towards the class.
  • Help ensure she doesn’t stand out amongst her siblings or classmates. If you are concerned she missed something you have said, please check with her in a subtle way. For example, she could signal you with a finger or pencil raised.
  • Make sure she sits close to the point of interest or instruction whenever possible, whether it is you, videos or other activities.
  • Make sure the family, group or class understand that it’s important to speak clearly and one at a time. School directions and assignments should be available in writing.
  • Make sure she is able to share or compare notes with a classmate or you, as appropriate.

Adapted from: Quick Cards for Teachers, AG Bell (www.agbell.org).


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