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June 12, 2012


Can you believe it?  Summer is upon us already!!  It is the time of year that marks another rite of passage into the next grade and hearing the infamous “I’m bored.” In our house, that statement is not allowed and should my husband or I hear it, our kids have to give $0.25 to our family outing kitty.  Our two children have learned very quickly to not say these words .

Although our children will disagree, being ‘bored’ truly is a great thing.  It allows kids to tap into creative thinking.  It provides opportunities for independent and imaginative play.  Further, is helps strengthen bonds between siblings/friends while they problem solve and play together.  The positive results of ‘boredom’ go on and on. All of this said, all of us parents can use some ideas to break up the summer a bit in order to diversify the days and weeks which lie ahead.  Enjoy the following ideas/camps/adventures that your family can do together which will bring more smiles and happy memories to share over a lifetime.


Rock Art

Let’s Take A Walk Scavenger Hunt

Baby Center

Seattle Summer Mini-Adventures for Kids

Cascade Dance Academy Summer Camps

Kids Cooking Classes

Issaquah Children’s Theater

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