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March 14, 2012

Spring Forward

Looking outside today as the sleet falls and the wind blusters, I am not convinced spring is around the corner.  However, losing that hour of sleep this past weekend and because the calendar says we should be seeing signs of spring soon I am staying optimistic that spring REALLY will make a nice grand entry this year.  So, what to do to get in the spring time frame of mind with our children??

1. Start an indoor greenhouse kit.  Home improvement stores and nurseries have nice flower, vegetable, and strawberry kits available.  It is fun for the kids to be part of the entire process from planting the seed to watching it germinate and grow.  Once the threat of frozen temperatures are gone, transplant the kit in your yard.

2. Cut out pictures from old magazines and have your child make a collage of all things ‘spring.’

3. Have your child paint inexpensive teracotta pots with bright colors then plant pretty primrose flowers inside to add to your porch/deck decor when the temperatures rise.  Color is always good!

4. Use left over paper bags and cut into 5×7 pieces.  Fold the paper in half and have your child draw, paint, stamp or stencil spring art.  Have your child use these for ‘thank you notes,’ birthday cards or just a note to say ‘thinking of you.’  With all of us relying so much on technology these days, receiving mail the ‘old fashioned way’ is always a welcomed surprise.

5. Have your kids help you de-winterize your yard by tilling soil, pulling weeds, and picking up small debris.  Who knows, maybe they will find a worm or grub to fascinate them (and the added fresh air will have them sleep good:)

6. Go to your local library and check out books about spring and planting.

7. Enjoy reading Eric Carle’s ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ book with your child. Then take an egg carton and cut in half.  Have your child paint the humps, poke holes at the top of one of the end humps to make antenae and then have your child glue on googly eyes to make his/her very own caterpillar.  ~Have Fun

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