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April 25, 2014

Part 4 (SPD): Castles In The Sand ~ A Post from 10-Year Old Ella, Our Daughter who has SPD ~ Our Personal Journey Continues

SensoryProcessingDisorderSurprise!!!  There is a Part 4:)

This blog post just simply makes me smile as Ella’s mom.  My husband and I are beyond proud of her!!!  As parents we constantly second guess ourselves as there is no manual or text book guiding us on what to do (that would be WAAAAY too easy).  Like all parents, we learn and make mistakes along the way.  Yes we consult with professionals, our parents, friends, etc., but ultimately WE are deciders and make the final call.  I can’t help but feel that we must be doing something right! ~Amy

“Hi, my name is Ella. My mom, Amy Svensson, asked me to write a blog post for her practice’s website. Over my Spring Break, my family and I went to Maui, HI. I wrote a journal entry every day of our vacation.  Here are some excerpts from what I wrote in my journal on the first day.10245466_10152032351254499_1226538331445995594_n

April 6, 2014

“Today was our first day in Maui. The hotel is pink! There are three pools; a small pool with a waterslide, a big pool with three turtles at the bottom that are made out of tile (those turtles used to scare me so I never used to go in that pool), and a pool by a waterfall. My favorite thing to do at the pool is to go down the waterslide. I used to never go down slides. The first time we came to Maui 3 years ago, I was scared to go down the waterslide. When I went down the waterslide for the first time on this vacation, I was so happy.  I did not even care that they re-did the slide. It is now a dark tube.  The top used to be open.  I was scared at first, but was still happy to go down it.

After lunch, we played at the beach. I used to never want to go to beaches because I didn’t like sand. Sand made me feel so uncomfortable… too scratchy and I could not stand having it stick to me.  During this trip, I LOVED going to the beach!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I liked sharing it with you.  I am happy my mom asked.

We had so much fun on our vacation.”


My Mom and I ~ April, 2014

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