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December 12, 2013

No Time Like The Present

Tips for Being Present in the Moment

Enjoy the Moment

Guest Blog Post by:

Melissa Gillmer, MS, CCC-SLP

North Florida Therapy Associates, LLC 

I am quite honored to have been invited by my new friend and colleague, Amy Svensson, to guest post on her practice’s blog.

The holiday season is upon us. While it is a time to reflect, celebrate and gather, so many of us are overbooked and stressed out. My favorite life management strategy to employ is to “be present”.  I put aside regrets (the past) and worry (the future) and focus in on the here and now (the present).

When I am present in the moment with my children and my husband, I experience what can best be described as my own personal bliss. It hasn’t always been that way, though. If I am honest with you I will tell you that I used to be stressed out all the time until I learned to be more present. If we are each honest with ourselves, we all look forward to some sentinel event in our lives, the beginning or ending of some large event, but we don’t look forward to the work in the middle.

It goes something like this:

They’re getting married! We’re having a baby! Our son is graduating! I’m starting a business! So-and-so is retiring!

Not a single one of us lays the following truths bare:

There is the getting married and the work of staying married. There is the having of the baby and then there is the raising of the child every day after. On the day of graduation, how quickly we forget every struggle along the way. And as Amy can attest, when we embark on a journey with a business, the beginning of the journey looks nothing like any of the ports of call along the way, until you hopefully get to a nice destination at which you can retire.

I understand that you (the Susan Cohn & Associates Family) are at a port of call called “Renovation” and I’m told it is quite beautiful. Transitions between beginnings and endings are very challenging. So, I’ve never quite understood why we don’t celebrate those more often, especially in the darkest of hours when it is most tempting to throw in the towel. So, instead of rushing through these stressful moments, I practice being present in each hard decision and tough moment.

It is easy to celebrate the creation of some new thing or idea when we are too naïve to know the roadblocks that will be placed in our path. And it is all too easy on the back end of an accomplishment to forget the struggles to reach that summit, so I like to celebrate along the way.

So, what do you do when you are on a business trip lunching at a bar and your toddler calls you up to say she went poop on the potty and won’t stop repeating herself until you verbally repeat and acknowledge her (I love those active listening skills!)? I say there is no time like the present to order the patrons another round for having to put up with you as you announce, “Yes, honey, you went poop on the potty!”. May they savor their beverage as you savor the signs of progress!

There is no time like the present to do or say something to make someone’s day better and brighter.

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