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February 26, 2015

Let’s Go on a Bear Hunt

Post Contributed by: Sarah Oarbeascoa MS, CCC-SLP

There are many children's books that will help provide speech therapy for your kids. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is one of my favorites. “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” by Michael Rosen, is about a family as they travel through the forest searching for a bear. The book is predictable, with repetitive phrases that allows your child to ‘read’ along with the book. This is one of my favorite books to use the imagination! Have fun creating obstacle courses in your home or going on your own bear hunt outside!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Language and speech elements that can be addressed are:

  • Vocabulary (locations, clothing, outdoor items)
  • Location (forest, cave, river, etc)
  • Sequencing
  • Answering WH questions
  • Adjectives (thick, oozy, narrow, dark, wavy, etc.)
  • Prepositions and Verbs (in, on, through, under, over)
  • /B/: Bear; /G/: Going; /W/: We’re


Ask questions and use what the child already knows to add to the discussion, assisting the child to further understand and enjoy the book.

  1. Look at the cover of the book together ~ Make a guess about what the book might be about. This is a great activity to practice predicting. Also when looking at the cover, discuss the title, author, and illustrator, and what those terms means.
  2. Talk about the items you see on the cover.


  1. As you go through the book, ask WH questions about each page, for example “Where are they going?” “Who lives in the forest?” “Why are they running?”
  2. When reading, make sounds effects with the book: ‘squishy’ mud, ‘splashy’ river, etc.
  3. Point out the descriptive words: “Long wavy,” “Deep cold,” “Thick oozy,” “Big Dark,” etc.
  4. Act out the story as you read ~ Tiptoe through a cave, stomp through mud, etc.


  1. Play “We’re going on a ____ hunt.” Look for items when on a walk, in the car, or at the grocery store.Speech Therapy Books for Kids
  2. Discuss the places in the book for example  “What types of animals live in the forest? In a cave?”
  3. Practice sequencing and retell by discussing the order of events.
  4. Sing the song together. You can find a variety of different versions on Youtube. My favorite version is Greg and Steve.
  5. Go on a ‘bear hunt’ in your house. Place the bear “in”, “on”, “under”, “over”, or “behind” in different spots in your home. If you have a play tunnel, practice going “through.” Have your child use their imagination – could the couch cushions be mountains? Maybe the rug could be squishy mud?
  6. Encourage your child to imagine that they are going on a bear hunt. Ask them to think of different places they could go — like outer space, an island, a jungle, a zoo, etc. What types of experiences might they encounter in these environments?
  7. Discuss what the repetitive phrase “I’m not afraid”, and what it means to be “brave.” When is a time when your child had to be brave (dentist, doctor, new school, etc.)?”
  8. Check out your library for other versions of the book ~ “We’re Going on a Lion Hunt” and “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt.”












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