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August 28, 2011

Kindergarten Readiness

It is that time of year for the infamous ‘Kindergarten Assessments.’  Parents have so many questions with regards to what their child REALLY should actually be able to do at this age.  Some are being told children should have a sight word vocabulary upon entering kindergarten and others are being told letter recognition should be present.  This leaves parents to feel confused and anxious.  Here is a link provided by one of our local school districts to help give insight:  The most important thing we feel for parents to remember is that each child is an individual.  There is such a wide array of learning experiences prior to entering kindergarten which leaves this large range.  In the end, we encourage that learning be made fun and exciting.  Give lots of hugs, love and support to your child.  Let them play, explore, and make friends.  It is a time of independence and growth.  They will learn their ABCs and sight words, but allow them to do it at their pace and cognitive ability.  Put the flash cards away and let development pave the road.  Oh… and read to your child(ren) often.

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