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April 16, 2014

Fingers Crossed …

ASHA American Speech Language Hearing Convention SpeakerLet’s go back 5 months and quite a few posts ago to the 2013 ASHA Convention in Chicago.  I was alone trying to find some peace and quiet between courses when I copped a squat (yes with a glass of wine) at the restaurant bar that is attached to the McCormick Convention Center. As luck and fate would have it, I plopped myself down right next to Melissa & Jen; 2 fellow SLPs who used to work together, but branched off and are now managing their own separate private practices in Florida.

I heard the 2 of them laughing and chatting while perusing through the program.  Their laughs were gravitating.  I decided to start up conversation with them … ‘Why not?’ I thought to myself.  I love to meet new people no matter where I go. We all have a story and something to learn from one another. Needless to say, I did not find any peace and quiet in the least that afternoon.  The 3 of us started talking and networking immediately.  In fact, Melissa and I attended the next class together and exchanged mobile numbers to meet up after sessions.

When I got back to the hotel, I was so excited to tell my mom (who trained it from Milwaukee to keep me company that weekend) that I met  Melissa and Jen and we were all going to go out for drinks and dinner together that same night.

Do you ever have that feeling when you just know when things are meant to be?

I am always setting professional goals for myself and the next one on my list is to present at a WA State Convention or the ASHA convention.  I believe with all of my heart that I was meant to meet Melissa and Jen that day because it was over dinner that we started talking about presenting together at the next convention which is going to be in their home state of Florida.  I overheard my mom saying to Melissa, “When Amy says she is going to do something, she will do it.”  Then I heard Melissa say back to my mom, “Me too.”  PERFECT!ASHA

We enjoyed one more dinner together that weekend and did some texting before it was time for all of us to part ways so to get back to our families and practices in opposite corners of the United States.  I knew though that the business relationship would hold strong & friendships had started.  I believe the 3 of us meeting was meant to be.

Here were are April, 2014 and indeed the 3 of us made the 4/8/14 deadline for the ‘Call for Papers’ set forth by the ASHA Convention Committee.  A HUGE ‘thank you’ to Melissa for keeping Jen and I on our toes in order to make deadline and for the extras she did in getting the proposal finalized for submission. Now we just sit and wait to see if our presentation proposal is approved for presentation in Orlando November, 2014.


Fingers Crossed!!

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