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September 21, 2011

Apps for Therapy

We are always looking for great apps to use with our patients in therapy.  E-mail one of us if you have good recommendations. Some we recently added are Paper Toss, Cupcake Maker, Fruit Ninja, Talking Tom, and Animal Guesses. The best part, they are all free!!

August 28, 2011

Kindergarten Readiness

It is that time of year for the infamous ‘Kindergarten Assessments.’  Parents have so many questions with regards to what their child REALLY should actually be able to do at this age.  Some are being told children should have a sight word vocabulary upon entering kindergarten and others are being told letter recognition should be present.  This leaves parents to feel confused and anxious.  Here is a link provided by one of our local school districts to help give insight:  The most important thing we feel for parents to remember is that each child is an individual.  There is such a wide array of learning experiences prior to entering kindergarten which leaves this large range.  In the end, we encourage that learning be made fun and exciting.  Give lots of hugs, love and support to your child.  Let them play, explore, and make friends.  It is a time of independence and growth.  They will learn their ABCs and sight words, but allow them to do it at their pace and cognitive ability.  Put the flash cards away and let development pave the road.  Oh… and read to your child(ren) often.

August 16, 2011

Issaquah Support Group for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Our 1st PARENT SUPPORT GROUP!!!! (Issaquah, WA Location)

Who: Parents/Primary Caregivers of Children with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum ( Note: There will be no childcare on the premises)

When: Wednesday, September 21st 6:45-8:45

Where: Susan Cohn & Associates; 710 NW Juniper St., Suite 108, Issaquah, WA 98027

Topic: Beginning Bio-Medical Intervention/Therapy and will discuss the Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet.

RSVP: This is open to the first 16 people who RSVP due to space limitations.  Please e-mail Amy Svensson directly (see therapist page) or call the office and leave a VM for Amy in the 1st mailbox.

Details:  Please join one of our practice’s wonderful parent volunteers (also a mom of a child with Autism) who will provide current information she and her husband have gathered  from  leading experts in the field.  She will lend support and resources.  There will be plenty of opportunity to share in a brown-bag discussion format as well.  None of our therapists will be on-site so to leave this a parent/caregiver-only event.  (No charge)

August 7, 2011

Be the Change You Wish To See In The World

This quote by Ghandi is one I live by and one  I often referenced during the process of purchasing Susan Cohn and Associates.  I think back over the years wondering about the changes I have made (big and small) and the footprints I am leaving along the way.  I know that this practice will provide positive change for children and their families, give hope, and hopefully inspire all who visit our site or practice.

Recently I received a paperweight as a gift that reads “Things are difficult before they are made easy.”    It is often that I see stressed, worried, and overwhelmed parents upon arriving for their child’s first visit.  I let them know that things will be difficult to start, but it will get easier with their continued care, support, encouragement, unconditional love and their commitment to providing their child with the intervention they need.  There is no better feeling as a therapist than to write a treatment plan and watch the goals and objectives be met one-by-one.  It is wonderful to observe the confidence that ensues in the child and see the joy parents have whether they are now able to communicate with their child tantrum-free, get a hug and simple eye gaze full of emotion, or have their child follow simple instructions.  Any and all progress is celebrated.

Thank you for visiting our website and blog.  Please visit frequently.  We will keep it updated with newsletters, parenting tid-bits, research development in the field, book recommendations and anything else we feel is worth passing on.

Be the change YOU wish to see in the world.

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