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June 28, 2013

Be Kind

Be Kind & Open to Helping Others in Need, it's Contagious!

Post Contributed by: Amy Svensson M.A., CCC-SLP

How could it be that I was where I needed to be right when I needed to be?  There was someone in need.  Many of the people who know me best have asked that I share this as a blog post on the practice’s site.  I am willing to share the Facebook post I made on my personal page on Wednesday.  All I wish for after you read this is for you to feel inspired to help others and to simply be kind.  You never know if this could be you someday.  It is who I am.  This exemplifies the practice that I run alongside all the other caring therapists in the clinic.  It is not to get a pat on the back.  Again, it is simply to help inspire for us all to gossip less, love more, judge less, and help most.
“Happy I was at the right place at the right time this a.m. when I was walking out of post office. An older man came to me and said “Can you help me? I had a stroke 5 years ago and this numbskull on the phone is not making any sense to me. What he is saying is getting all jumbled in my head. It is my credit card company.” I took his phone and explained to the rep that the gentleman was indeed who he said he was (the man showed me his i.d.) and that he has aphasia due to a stroke. All the poor man wanted to do was verify the CC company had his right address because he was not getting statements. The rep was just confusing the poor man more with all his disclosures. I made some headway only in that I asked the rep to heavily notate the account about the circumstance of the man’s health situation, him not getting statements and not to send to collections. Hopefully I bought the man more time until he gets a power of attorney added to his accounts. Why this man happened to bump into a speech-language pathologist in such a random way I have no clue. He reminded me so much of my late grandfather after his strokes. Perhaps he was an angel on this man’s shoulder today and wanted his granddaughter to help him??? Regardless, I am glad I am never too busy to help others. When the rep thanked me before hanging up and asked if there was anything else we needed, I said “No, just make sure to always be kind and pay it forward.”
Please share if you feel it is worthy of sharing, but more importantly, be kind. ~ Amy
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